Alumni in the News: The Monkey Busters!

The Monkey Busters

You may have noticed that from time to time we at Antifa College like to note notable alumni doing notable things. NOTED!

With that said let us introduce you to three of our badassiest graduates: the Monkey Busters of Japan. These airgun-armed clownrads take aim against resource-thieving monkeys, defending the literal fruits of the labor of the elders of the community. The monkeys, however, as with all advocates of the brutal system of post-production capitalism, are not easily deterred.

According to spokes-monkeybuster Mrs. Ishimura [Class of ’68, a great year!]

“They started to appear again in the middle of July. There are many elderly people in the Miyama area, and the cultivation of fields is essential for health and vitality. In the future, it is necessary for the area to continue working together as one.”

So be it, clownrads! We and all faculty and students of Antifa College salute you and your fierce comrades, Mrs. Ishimura!

Talk to us, Clownrads! Antifa welcomes feedback and debate!

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