Let’s Stimulate More Than JUST The Economy

Studentrads, have you already foolishly pre-spent your stimulus check on frivolities like food or shelter? Silly you.

Cow hugging for the win!

Have we got a DIY project for you!


At that price (and using tools from your local tool library/co-op, of course) you’ll be able to build almost eight of these beauties, more than enough to handle most local corruption.

If you live in Washington, DC, you’ll naturally want to collaborate with other local cells to ensure that you have adequate supplies. And always remember: these babies are reusable!

Unite! with us on Fedbook and Twitter!

Zoom, zoom! Did anything ever “zoom” quite so slowly as that Thursday Cultural Communication Studies seminar?

Well, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes (isn’t that always the way for the Proletariat?) and we have a couple of things that should make your week online go a little faster. A little more social. And a lot more mediated if you know what we mean and if you’re Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey WE THINK YOU DO!

Of particular interest to our GenX and Boomer Mature and Elder students, we’ve created a brand-new Antifa College Facebook page upon which they may bestow their Likes, Shares, and Comments.

For those of you on the Millennial side of the Digital Divide, we also offer an Antifa College Twitter account for your rt-ing, quoting, refuting, resisting, and ratio-ing enjoyment.

From each according to their abilities, clownrads, to each according to their needs, and we need some engagement, so please.

Now at least you can tell your parents you got engaged at college.

The Flag of the Worker’s United Front

Alumni in the News: The Monkey Busters!

You may have noticed that from time to time we at Antifa College like to note notable alumni doing notable things. NOTED!

With that said let us introduce you to three of our badassiest graduates: the Monkey Busters of Japan. These airgun-armed clownrads take aim against resource-thieving monkeys, defending the literal fruits of the labor of the elders of the community. The monkeys, however, as with all advocates of the brutal system of post-production capitalism, are not easily deterred.

According to spokes-monkeybuster Mrs. Ishimura [Class of ’68, a great year!]

“They started to appear again in the middle of July. There are many elderly people in the Miyama area, and the cultivation of fields is essential for health and vitality. In the future, it is necessary for the area to continue working together as one.”

So be it, clownrads! We and all faculty and students of Antifa College salute you and your fierce comrades, Mrs. Ishimura!

Pre-Semester Pop Quiz

Remember, Clownrads, in Antifa the only failure is the failure to act!

This quiz does NOT count towards your final marks, so feel free to take a hit of whatever internet-quiz-aiding substance you prefer and get clicking!

Well, that’s fair.

Antifashion: Five Fierce Masks for Fall Protests

Welcome to Fall semester, Clownrads! As you’re settling into your virtual dorm rooms, meeting your Zoom roommates, and organizing those first, fumbling socially-distanced sexual encounters, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got all the antifashion essentials for this season.

From Kenosha to Ferguson, Hong Kong to Belarus, protests are this season’s hottest trend. And masks are, of course, de rigueur, but not just any old mask: you’ll want something practical, weather-appropriate, Covid-impervious, and stylish! Let’s look at a few of these picks from the Dean of the Antifa College School of Antifashion.

Etissta Neck Gaiter

It’s cultural appropriation at its most appropriate Fashionrads!

This charmingly exotic demi-balaclava‘s subcontinental “mandala” pattern slims while it protects. A busy pattern distracts the eye from lingering in trouble spots, a dark background gives an overall impression of sveltitude, and the complexity of the design functions like dazzle camouflage, making it difficult for law enforcement to draw a bead on you.

AstroAI Balaclava

Tactisexual reporting for duty! The AstroAI is ready when you are, whether that means snowboarding, sandstorm chasing, or just heading off to make a citizen’s arrest. Strong horizontal interest over the eyes draws attention away from troublesome sagging chins, patchy beards, roid-thickened necks, and the prolonged, gruesome death of the existing civil order.

Siyuan Neck Gaiter

These colors DO RUN! And they’re fabulous! The Siyuan Neck Gaiter‘s trendy hippie tie-dye softly whispers “I heart drum circles and Patchouli” while the value pricing and 100% polyester fabric scream “I’m a low-maintenance gal ready to settle!”

WTACTFUL 3D Animal Balaclava


WXXM Neck Gaiter Ear Loops Balaclava Bandana Headwear Cooling Face Cover Scarf for Dust Wind Cycling

For those days when nihilistic self-immolation seems quaintly charming and you wonder if anyone has turned the Gulag Archipelago into a musical yet, there is the WXXM Neck Gaiter Ear Loops Balaclava Bandana Headwear Cooling Face Cover Scarf for Dust Wind Cycling. Combine with a stylish head-to-toe winter white ensemble, position yourself against a colorless background, and simply fade into blissful nothingness while the world burns.